The continued tale of the ‘bloody shame’ that could just be plain old common sense.

In response to my original post on this subject, a friend asks why I have so little faith in men who have sex with men (MSMs) telling the truth about their risk status when choosing whether or not to self-exclude from donating blood.

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Efavirenz dreams?


Those crazy Catholics

According to a report in the Scotsman, a devout Catholic couple have lodged a complaint of sexual and religious discrimination against Strathclyde Police .. just because the ‘status’ on their civilian employee records has been changed from “married” to “married/civil partnership”.

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Selling out and enabling apartheid

I am appalled to see that Alan Rusbridger has made a public apology for the Guardian‘s splendid The battle for the truth editorial on the Jenin massacre.

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A ‘bloody shame’ .. or just plain old common sense?

You have got to hand it to Russell Hirst, the illogical dimwit behind the BloodBan campaign.

If you pay any attention to the minor commotion he has managed to whip up in the gay and gay-friendly media, you would almost get the impression that his campaign to simply remove the ban on gay men donating blood has the support of the entire gay community.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Is ‘tosser’ the default setting for all Americans?

I am neither a royalist nor a fan of the British presence in Afghanistan, but right now I am lost for a single charitable thing to say about Matt Drudge.

It seems to me that he has just confirmed (to the reasoning world – of which he certainly isn’t an inhabitant) that there is a fair bit of meat on the bones of the stereotypical view that sees Americans as a bunch of clueless tossers.

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